Some Stories Our Clients Wanted to Share With You

Through a referral give to me from a co-worker, I discovered WNHC. I was suffering from inflammation, joint pain, disorientation, and fatigue. Once diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity, needing supplemental support, along with dietary changes, I not only saw immediate results, but lost 20 pounds. Swelling, pain, and fatigue are gone. I am now feeling better than I have felt in a long time. I am a firm believer in this practice and its results.

Before coming to Women’s Nutritional Health Center, I suffered from severe anxiety and OCD. I was always anxious, nervous, paranoid, and scared. I was skeptical about starting this program, but I had given up on my primary doctor and a different specialist I had tried. Nothing was working and I was getting worse. I came here with an open mind and gave this protocol a chance. Women’s Nutritional Health Center immediately got me off gluten and started working on my gut health. I gradually started feeling better. I still struggled with anxiety but it became more manageable. I’ve been coming here for a little over a year and looking back at where I was mentally and emotionally…I am 170% better than I was. I still have bouts of anxiety but not nearly as bad. I’ve noticed that the better I eat and take care of myself, the less symptoms I have. Also, if I skip one of the supplements I am on, I can sometimes tell because I feel worse. This really works well. It is a blessing to have a clinician who’s hours do not interrupt my work schedule, who is easy to get in to see, who doesn’t leave you in the waiting room for hours, who takes emergency appointments, who is a Christian…I could go on and on. This practice cares about me and my health. I’m not just a number. And they will not give up on making their patients well. They will not judge you and your current health-they will be honest and do all they can for you. Isn’t that amazing! I would recommend this practice to any and all anxiety/OCD sufferers out there.  –A. R.


Back in 2008 I started having body pain.  Thinking it was all in my mind, I ignored it.  Then in June of 2008 I visited my doctor, and after having and MRI, CT scan, stress test and blood work, I was told there was nothing wrong with me.  After suffering for more than a year and a half, I gave Women’s Nutritional Health Center a try.  After one week, actually less, I was feeling no pain and have so much energy.  I’ve been on the program three weeks now and I always said I wanted me back.  I now have me back!  Pam M

Almost two months ago I had decided to give up.  I had tried many different diets trying to achieve a healthier me over the years with no results.  I was very tired all the time and had just enough energy to go to school and study and I kept gaining weight despite endless efforts to “watch what I ate.”  I had decided to give up when a friend recommended Women’s Nutritional Health Center.  I attended my first appointment with caution trying not to get my hopes up about feeling better.  Let me just say I was amazed.  Now, almost two months later I feel liked a new person.  I followed the plan I was given at Women’s Nutritional Health Center and have seen positive results.  I now have so much energy and have begun to lose weight I thought I could never lose.  Thank you, Women’s Nutritional Health Center, for changing my life.  Lindsay H

I had burning and redness in the bottom of my feet for many years.  I had been to many doctors and they were unable to find the cause.  The burning and redness went away when the mercury levels went down in my body.  I now have more energy than ever before.  Thank you for caring about people and changing lives.  Deborah H

I have seen many improvements since beginning my Personalized Health Improvement Program with Designed Clinical Nutrition.  I was suffering with daily, constant stomach pain.  It was very painful and I was very irritable from bearing the pain.  I have had a tremendous improvement.  I was tired and felt pulled down.  I feel a big difference and I have more energy.  I can do my days work and other things I enjoy doing now.  I also was having some gall bladder symptoms and bad back pain.  This has also improved.  I also have had pre-hypertension and underactive thyroid and have felt is improvement with both.  This is a wonderful program and I would recommend it to anyone.   Cindy T

I first came to Women’s Nutritional Health Center because I was obese (ugly word, Huh?) and I had no energy, severe swelling and could not breath or walk very well.  See I’m only 4’11” and weighed 260lbs.  It was found I had allergies to wheat, soy, rye and sugar.  Once I eliminated those from my diet (sugar took the longest) I started losing weight, feeling better, had tones of energy and I could breath and walk!!  I’ve since lost a whooping 100+lbs!!  Being 40 is not as bad as I thought.  I feel and look better than I EVER have!  Thank God.  I feel blessed to have been led to Women’s Nutritional Health Center.  Thank you!  Thank you!  You’ve given me quality of life.  Becky T

I’ve always heard that the “Proof is in the pudding.”  Let me share my past pudding …fibromyalgia, lack of sleep, feeling tired, and type II diabetes, just to name a few.  At that point in time, all I wanted to eat was something sweet, knowing full well this was harming my body.  Within the first two weeks after starting the program, changes began occurring in my body.  Pain started going away from the fibromyalgia.  Trips in the car started to become less painful.  I began to have more energy.  I slept better- all night.  Blood work showed my test for diabetes was in normal range…first time in several years and my cholesterol had dropped by 35 points.  Today and every day since starting the nutritional program, I thank God that he put the Women’s Nutritional Health Center in my path.   Judy S

For the last 18 months I was having eczema breakouts on my face every 2-3 weeks lasting 48 hours.  Since starting this program I’ve had NO breakouts and my eczema is gone.  This is an amazing program and really emphasizes how your body should work.  I’m excited for the future.  Paula C

As a new mom, I was struggling with a severe case of hyperthyroidism.  My heart felt like it could give out at any moment it was beating so fast.  I could not lift my child without difficulty or go up stairs without feeling like I would pass out.  I struggled with insomnia, couldn’t’t focus and lost down to 94 pounds.  I didn’t’t think I could commit to the nutritional program because I live nearly four hours away.  To make a long story shorter…thanks to Nutrition Response Testing all my symptoms listed are gone plus many others are now gone!  Since my improvement, my family of seven is now driving the 4 hour trek.  They are seeing wonderful results as well for conditions such as prostate, to thyroid to ADD.  Chris O

Six months ago I was overweight with little or no energy.  I had borderline high cholesterol and an auto-immune disease that was slowly taking over my life.  Under  guidance, today I’m 25 pounds lighter, my cholesterol numbers have dropped 20 points and that ugly auto-immune disease is well under control!  No kidding.  I feel 20 years younger.  Six months ago my motto would have been, “I’ve maxed out, passed my prime”, but today I would honestly say, “I’ve only just begun!”  Thank you  to everyone at Women’s Nutritional Health Center.  Thank you so much.  Judy P

I had very low energy.  I weighed 236 pounds and was very swollen.  No matter what I tried I could not lose weight.  My blood pressure was 167/97.  My doctor said I was a stroke waiting to happen.  I was also diagnosed with diabetes.  Since beginning the program, I have lost 26 pounds.  My blood pressure is 119/60 and my sugar is stable.  I have an abundance of energy and never tire easily.  Cathy B

Before I began at WNHC, I felt as if there was no hope for me.  I have been through several surgeries, medical treatments, medications, therapy, and other forms of guesswork done in the medical field.  Getting out of bed was a struggle.  Pain would pound in my right side constantly.  My mood was upsetting and often I felt depressed.  After being at WNHC my life has made a dramatic change just in the few weeks I have been here.  My pain has subsided greatly, and I never knew I could go through a day and not feel depressed.  I am following mydetailednutritional  plan, and now I believe there is hope for me because I feel it physically and emotionally.  I now have a reason to live throughout the day and can remember what it feels like to feel good again.  Thank you WNHC staff.  Shauna A

I suffered from lack of sleep, overweight, night sweats and headaches.  Now I sleep very well.  I’ve lost 20 pounds very easily and I have no more night sweats.  Headaches are gone.  Best thing I ever did.  Keith S

I feel like I have a new lease on life.  When I first started at Women’s Nutritional health Center I hurt all over, had 2 to 3 migraines a week, weighed over 160 lbs, had no energy, was on Prilosec for my stomach and Immetrex for the headaches and didn’t want to do anything.  Now, I no longer have the muscle and joint pain, I only have 2- 3 headaches a month and don’t need the Immetrex.  I am no longer taking Prilosec.  My energy level is greatly improved (Now I feel like coming home from work and doing things – I used to go to the couch) and my weight is below 140.   I am not dieting, I am eating healthy and taking care of myself.  I feel so much better and I feel good about myself again.  I am finally on the path to good health and I have hope that I didn’t have before.  Delene G

In 1998 I had angioplasty – two stints and one artery that couldn’t do a stint.  This started all my medications.  Seems every time I went to the medical doctor they added more meds…I did not feel good and my medical doctor told me I was diabetic.  My A1C was 7.7.  What a wake up call.  My chiropractor recommended Women’s Nutritional Health Center.  Well everything has been uphill from there.  The clinician blew me away with his knowledge.  You’ve heard that we are what we eat…that is true.  I was taught how to eat right and added natural whole food supplements.  It has been about six months and I have lost 32 pounds and have stopped a lot of my meds.  I have seen my medical doctor and the results blew him away.  My A1C was 6.00 and all others results were good also.  The staff of Women’s NutritionalHealth Center is dedicated to helping us with our health and really cares for us.  I thank the Lord for putting them in my life.  Ted W

A little over a year ago I felt like my body was falling apart.  I started having heart palpitations and a fast pulse rate at times when my pulse would go way over 100 and stay there for hours – particularly at night.  My blood pressure became high and there were times when I would feel dizzy and lightheaded to the point I would feel like I would faint. I also had a constant cough. I felt scared, anxious and I felt like I had not control of my body. My Mom suggested Women’s Nutritional Health Center. I was somewhat nervous because I didn’t think that my scary symptoms could get better without medication.  Fortunately, I went to the center anyway.  From the beginning they appeared very compassionate and interested in helping me get better.  They talked to me about the food I was eating and suggested healthier options.  They also helped discover what was going on in my body and I started taking supplements.  Gradually I started feeling better.  I was able to sleep better and my blood pressure and pulse rate decreased.  I also became less anxious which is something I didn’t realize I had been feeling a lot of the time.  I have since embraced a healthier lifestyle not only for myself but for my family as well.  My husband has lost 50 pounds and my daughter went through a whole year of school with perfect attendance (no sick days!).  I thank God that I was sent to WNHC.  I’m so thankful that I feel good and feel back in control of my body!  Kelly M

I’ve lived with allergies my entire life:  itchy eyes, daily sneezing especially in the mornings, and feeling absolutely miserable during the Spring and Fall pollen seasons.  To complicate things, I developed asthma.  A friend of mine with awful allergies went through Nutrition Response Testing, had great success, so I decided to learn about the treatment as well. In addition to mercury toxicity, they identified several other weaknesses in my body which could be treated, and they also tested for the nutritional needs of my developing baby.  Each month I was tested , I was fascinated by the needs of my baby.  Midway through the pregnancy, when bones start developing,  my calcium needs had increased.  About four months into the testing I realized I had gone several weeks without even picking up my allergy meds. To this day I’ve not used any allergy medicine. Dorothy K

Before going to Women’s Nutritional Health Center, I used to have chronic sinus infections.  As soon as the seasons changed or I got the slightest congestion it would go into full blown infection.  Since I have been on the nutritionals, I have not had one sinus infection.  I feel half my age and I have so much energy.  I also had a torn meniscus for which I had had surgery.  My knee would swell all the time.  That is gone as well.  What a blessing this has been for me.  Everyone can benefit from Women’s Nutritional Health Center.  Donna B

I am delighted with the progress I have made since starting the program with Women’s Nutritional Health Center.  My main complaint was that I had been diagnosed by my medical doctor with panic attacks.  My medical doctor prescribed a tranquilizer to take.  I did not like the feeling I got from taking those drugs.  I really did not want to just cover up the problem. I wanted the cure my medical doctor did not offer. After testing, they immediately found it was a problem with my thyroid and the concentrated, whole food supplements they recommended have greatly improved this condition.  By continuing to eat healthy foods and taking the whole food supplements recommended, I am now looking forward to many more years of health and happiness!  Peggy C

I started getting ill in May 2008 and very ill by June.  I went to a medical doctor who took many different blood tests which all came back normal.  At my daughters recommendation we took the 3 hour trip to WNHC.  At first I thought this method was strange, but wanted to give it a fair try.  They suggested ways for me to eat healthier and gave me some food supplements to take.  Soon I was feeling better and, much needed, began to lose weight.  I was able to reduce then stop blood pressure medication.  I am still taking some supplements, eating healthier and I feel great!!  As the old saying goes, quote; The proof is in the pudding.”  Eugenia H

All my life I’ve had problems with indigestion.  For the past couple of years I’ve had trouble with hot flashes and was beginning to suffer with arthritis.  So, I was tested and  given recommendations.  I started paying better attention to what I was eating.  I always thought I was eating pretty healthy, but I discovered I was eating a lot of foods that were contributing to my problems. Thanks to all of WNHC’s  help and advice, I feel so much better. It really amazes me sometimes at the difference in how I feel.  I am so pleased with the results.  Now anytime something new comes up such as cold or whatever, I consult  with WNHC first.  The Women’s Nutritional Health Center is the best!  Dolores G

For several years I had pain in my right side.  I had surgery twice and the doctor said there was nothing left in there that could make me hurt.  But, the pain was still there.  I started going  to see the clinicians at Women’s Nutritional Health Center.  They found several things wrong.  Today with their help I have no more pain and have lost 30 some pounds.  I eat better and feel so much better.  Thanks very much.  Lisa H

I had been suffering for a long time.  I just didn’t feel right.  I had lack of energy, fatigued; I just didn’t feel good ever.  I came to Women’s Nutritional Health Center and the very first appointment they found out what was wrong.  They changed my life for the best!  Janet H

My hot flashes are almost totally gone and I like myself again.  Elaine S

RESULTS:  Wow, where do I begin?  When I came to you I had spent the previous seven weeks with my family practitioner treating me for ulcers and H Pylori with antibiotics.  He finally stated he had no clue how to help relieve my pain, IBS symptoms, Acid Reflux symptoms and he even mentioned cancer.  Now I feel like a new person.  I experience regulated energy, not bursts followed by flat-line or plummeting levels.  I sleep consistently 8-9 hours each night and awaken refreshed and rested.  Cravings and hunger are gone.  All my life painful and long menstruation periods have controlled me – not now.  No more pain medications needed for painful joints, cramping muscles and embarrassing gas – all gone!  So, thank you.  You are the first to offer me the answers which brought real lifestyle change and results.  My unhealthy lifestyle had become an issue of prayer for me and God directed me to you for the help that I needed.  Lisa B

Nutrition Response Testing has made life living with brain cancer easier!  Since beginning treatment, I have experienced many improvements in my health:  sound, deep sleep, improved digestion, NO PMS, reduction in light sensitivity, more energy, no more stress incontinence, no more cravings, increased strength, brighter outlook.  I’m so thankful for Women’s Nutritional Health Center for their commitment to helping people heal as much as possible.  I recommend them to everyone!  Audrey H

I began my Personalized Health Improvement Program during my pregnancy.  My 1st pregnancy left me feeling tired with nausea, high blood pressure and weight gain of 45 pounds.  This 2nd pregnancy started with extreme sickness and I had to be put on nausea medication.  Since I have been coming to Women’s Nutritional Health Center, I have only gained about 20 pounds, my blood pressure is great, I have quit swelling in my fingers and ankles, and I have more energy than I had when I was not pregnant and I have no nausea.  I actually feel good pregnant…something I never thought would happen.  Thank you!  Rebekah B

I had been taking Singular and Claritin for over 5 years;  also using Albuterol for asthma symptoms.  I kept getting worse.  I thought my allergies were just getting worse. I had gotten so bad it was hard to work and function. I was always so tired. I started getting severe headaches and not sleeping over 2-3 hours a night. I did not know what I was going to do.  The way I was going it looked like I was going to continue to get worse.  I have been seeing WNHC for 5 weeks and have only taken 4 0r 5 Singular and no Claritin D!  My headaches are gone and the congestion has cleared up in my chest.  I am sleeping all night and feel like a different person!  I have never had a clinician get excited because they knew they could help someone.  Shirley A

I have been coming to Women’s Nutritional Health Center for over 9 months. I had feet and leg pain as well as many other troubles. I was in a power chair and used crutches to get around. I had seen doctors to find no good help. Now I am off all medications, have little pain in my feet, lost nearly 50 pounds and I walk with just a cane or walk on my own. I have been truly blessed since coming to Dr. Ward. My health has improved so much and we (my wife and I) eat better. We don’t miss the breads or sugar and know that this has been the best choice we have made for our health. We always recommend our new life change to all we can. -T. Wilson  

I am elated with the results already! I have only been on the supplements and making better dietary choices for three weeks and I am feeling much better! I had been sick for two years prior to coming to Women’s Nutritional Health Center. I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease, possible M.S. and ocular vestibular dysfunction. I had no energy to the point that I was bed ridden and had to be helped to the bathroom. Last week I cleaned my house and did 5 loads of laundry. Praise God! I’m so thankful for Women’s Nutritional Health Center. -Shannon F.  

Prior to being treated by Women’s Nutritional Health Center, I was very tired and lethargic all the time. I had a good deal of bloating and indigestion. Women’s Nutritional Health Center has been able to treat these problems and identify that I have a grain sensitivity. I have been amazed at the difference in my health since eliminating grains. I still have several issues that are being treated, but I realized this is a process and it takes time to reach and treat the problems at the cellular level. I have seen many doctors over the years but for the first time I have hope in regaining my health. -Lisa J.  

When I first started coming to the Women’s Nutritional Health Center, I suffered from headaches 2-4 times a week. My husband commented that this was not normal, and I needed to see a doctor. The thing that really pushed me to go though, was having two melanoma skin cancers back to back in August and December 2013.
Starting Dr. Ward’s regime of cutting gluten out of my diet, starting the whole food supplements, and eating a healthy diet, I lost five pounds in two weeks’ time. I didn’t have the bloating I had experienced before and my headaches had decreased by half.
Two years later I rarely have headaches. I have not had another melanoma (really a big deal because the last two I had were the fourth and fifth occurrence). Little health issues I had along the way have disappeared or have reduced dramatically. I think using the appropriate whole food supplements has helped to give my body the support it needs to start healing itself. This year I will be turning forty years old but I can honestly say I have more energy now that I did at least five years ago. I have energy all day long and feel good all day long. It’s amazing to feel that way!
Having experience such an improvement in my health, I have certainly told friends and family about the great people at the Women’s Nutritional Health Center. This has caused several of them to start going and seeing a difference in their overall health. I have that they are helping you help your body heal and be healthy and are not giving you something to treat symptoms or mask pain. -Leslie F.