Charlie’s Soap laundry powder packets
30 individual packets
Available at local grocery stores
Provides a good, as well as a safe clean!
Septic safe
Safer for the environment
Made in the USA
“Zero brighteners”
“Zero fillers”
Works for all machines
Washes everything from delicates to shop rags

Riega Organic chili seasoning
USDA Organic
Certified vegan
Available in local grocery stores
Very affordable
“Free from toxic pesticides, added fillers, chemicals, processing aids, GMOs”
Ingredients” Organic chili powder blend, organic cumin, sea salt, organic garlic, organic onion, organic black pepper, organic oregano, organic bay leaf
Delicious taste!
Great addition to organic beef

Glass Water Bottles
A must to have for your daily water intake.
A great, convenient, easy way to keep water with you, even on the busiest of days.
Glass is the safest water bottle & easiest to clean.
Plastic can be a choice, but only if it is BPA-free.
Available at local supermarkets, health food stores, & even gift shops!
Comes in a variety of brands, colors, shapes, & sizes…suited for your individual needs & personality, from simple to colorful to bling!
As we have learned at Women’s Nutritional Health Center, the most of our daily water intake should NOT be at meals. By carrying a water bottle, you can meet your daily water intake needs…& still be stylish! This is also a way to encourage others to do the same! Many people will be curious as to why you carry a water bottle with you…this is a great reminder for yourself & others!
If you already have a lot to carry with you every day, another choice is a water bottle & a cloth holder that has a strap to hang around your neck.
Prices vary, from very affordable to expensive. Lots of options!
Enjoy…& stay hydrated!