Dr. Charley F. Ward, Chiropractic Physician

WNHC Director, Master Nutrition Response Testing Clinician

Dr. Ward feels blessed to have been able to help thousands of people during his nearly forty years as a natural health care professional. He continues his passion for helping as many sick and hurting people improve their health and vitality as he is capable.

During his years in college, he developed a strong interest in nutrition and continues his studies to this day always seeking more effective ways to help sick people get well. However, it was not until 2006 that, after much prayer and searching, that Dr. Ward discovered Nutrition Response Testing and Designed Clinical Nutrition. He has this to say, ``Now I know exactly how to apply nutritional therapy to an individual (no 'One size fits all.``). I can also monitor progress, knowing when to change something and, just as importantly, when not to change anything.

Dr. Ward graduated from his master's program of Nutrition Response Testing in 2007 and is one of the first 100 clinicians in the world to hold the title of Master Nutrition Response Testing Clinician. He is a member of the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health, The Price-Potenger Nutrition Foundation, The Weston A. Price Foundation and has studied the works Dr. Royal Lee and of the other founders of whole-food nutrition. He has built into his schedule ample time to read and study searching for nutritional truths that will improve the health of his clients.

He has focused his attention on improving the health of women for several important reasons. He recognizes that the primary role of nurturing children falls to women and that she also often works outside the home. Women have many stresses and a hormone system that is apparently more sensitive to those stresses. This, coupled with the inadequacies of the Standard American Diet, often leads to the early loss of health and vitality that they should not have to be endure.

Dr. Ward says. ``I believe that, if we are to have an impact on improving the health of future generations, we must improve the health of women - mothers. What mother, having found the ways and means to improve her own health, would not pass those same principles on to her children? Women are, for the most part, the ones who set the tone of how a family eats and lives. Women are the answer to healthier children, a healthier community, and ultimately a healthier world.``

``I know this sounds like an exceptionally high ideal but, if we don't aim high enough above the claims of ``a drug for everything that ails you and nothing but drugs for whatever ails you`` and the ridiculousness of the idea that we can live healthy, vital lives eating products rather than real food, then we will fall far short of our responsibility to future generations.

We are compelled, by the progressive decline of the health of our children, to do something. All of us at Women's Nutritional Health Center are dedicated to the ideal of IMPROVING THE HEALTH OF FUTURE GENERATIONS.


Jerry Redmond MS, Certified Natural Health Provider

Master Nutrition Response Testing Clinician

Dr. Redmond has been associated with Women's Nutritional Health Center since 2009. He diligently pursued a rigorous line of studies to obtain the Certified Natural Health Professional certification. In 2013 he completed the master's level of training to fulfill the extensive requirements to attain his Master of Nutrition Response Testing.

Dr. Redmond developed his sharp analytical skills that help him effectively utilize the technicalities of performing a Nutrition Response Testing analysis during his 26 years as an analytical chemist. He also brings to the center the leadership skills necessary to help clients navigate the dietary and lifestyle changes that bring about better health from his 7 years in the army as an artillery officer and helicopter pilot.

His passion for helping others comes in part from his desire to help his wife of 46 years and his two grown children and three grandchildren live healthier, vital lives. He says, ``Having already retired from a rewarding career, I am now fulfilling the purpose that I believe God has called me to...helping improve the health of future generations.``

Becky Taylor, Advanced Certified Nutritional Counselor, (ACNC)

Master Nutrition Response Testing Clinician

Becky has always enjoyed helping people. She worked in the service industry for 24 years prior to joining the staff of Women’s Nutritional Health Center. This work included various jobs, but her favorite was the three years she worked in home services, helping the elderly and disabled.

Becky joined WNHC in 2011 as the Client Advocate. During this time, she welcomed potential clients as they entered the practice, walked them through their paperwork and performed initial evaluations in preparation of the clinicians’ examination.

In 2014, she was given the additional responsibility of Operations Coordinator. In October 2017, Becky began courses to become a Certified Nutritional Counselor and completed these courses in February 2018. (This normally takes 1-2 years.)

Dr. Ward saw the incredible job she was doing and her potential to grow so he sent her to Nutritional Response Training in 2017. Becky graduated as a Professional Nutritional Response Testing Practitioner in 2018.

Becky’s passion for helping others comes from her personal health journey. She became a client in 2007 and her health and life has improved significantly. Because of this experience, she now has a great desire to help the next generation of women and their children experience the same health improvements.

Debra Hiles

Office Manager and Inventory Coordinator.

Carries out all duties of front office including daily financials.