Our world is toxic. I believe everyone would agree with that. Even now as I write this, tears fill my eyes.  People have no idea how much Jason suffers because he was overexposed as a child to fragrance and chemicals. As a result, he is so cautious to go anywhere. He gets so sick physically when he encounters fragrance or chemicals. His head hurts so bad, that I have seen him hit it against a wall many times, just to get relief. It is heart-wrenching to watch. He wants to feel good. He wants to go places. And even if he was able to hide how bad he feels, I know and can see it. He gets really pale, and I know he’s sick, many times before he even tells me. Can you imagine not being able to go to the store, because of so many fragrances and chemicals? Let’s face it, our world is toxic! If you walk down the aisle where laundry detergents and dryer sheets are found, the smell is almost overwhelming! He would love to go to local revivals and camp meetings, but he can’t because of the vast array of fragrances.
We almost feel guilty, when we ask family and friends, students and customers to please not wear any fragrance. But we shouldn’t feel guilty. It is not our fault. It is not Jason’s fault. He wants to be well. Can you imagine what his life…our life…is like? He gets exposed, feels bad for days, then begins to feel better. He gets exposed again, feels bad for days or weeks, then feels better. It is a cycle, and he gets very discouraged. We are currently going to a nutritionist/homeopathic doctor, who treats with homeopathic supplements and herbal remedies. This is the only relief he has had, and it is a true blessing! But it can get expensive when he has to keep returning after exposures.
The whole truth is fragrances and chemicals are affecting all of us, even if we are not to the point that Jason is. This is the reason for this article. Fragrances and chemicals are so hazardous to our health, even deadly. We are slowly poisoning ourselves. All you have to do is research the word “fragrance” or “fragrance-free,” and you can read about all of the ingredients found in products (from cosmetics, hair products, and body products to cleaning chemicals and laundry products, scented candles, air fresheners, as well as pesticides). It is very eye-opening! And very scary!
I write this out of a broken heart and with a heart full of concern for all of you. We want to raise awareness of this very serious danger and share it with all of our loved ones.
~It is like sharing the good news of JESUS CHRIST. It is “tough” and even, “intimidating” sometimes to share it but ultimately, it is for good!
     *Please, please do some research for yourself. EWG is a website that will rate products according to how hazardous they are (cancer-causing, allergic reactions, etc.). Also, look at the “invisible disabilities” website, which has
a lot of helpful information.
This is showing up more and more in many people’s lives. Jason’s aunt, who works for a major insurance company in Florida, told us of the company’s decision to make the whole office building fragrance-free! Also, I have heard of more businesses learning to clean with cleaning vinegar, which can be purchased at local grocery stores for only $2!
***I cannot imagine how it breaks The LORD’s heart to watch as His creation slowly destroys themselves.***

If you have any questions, please text Jason at 828-385-0897 or me at 828-765-8789. Also, check out Women’s Nutritional Health Center in Johnson City, Tennessee. Their website is womensnutritionalhealthcenter.com. Their number is 423-202-6216. The first visit is free. This is for men and women and children.

Thank you for reading and hearing!