Cleaning Vinegar

   * Unscented

   * 6% Acidity

   * Around $3.00 / 64 FL OZ (2 QT)

   * A product of the U.S.A.


Great for cleaning!  It works well on kitchen counters, as well as appliances; great for cleaning bathrooms.

Vinegar is the best cleaner for windows & mirrors, over anything I have ever used!  It cleans tough spots on mirrors, & it doesn’t streak. 

I choose to put mine in a spray bottle, which makes it very handy to use.  Also, the neat thing about cleaning with vinegar is that if you spray over toothbrushes in the bathroom or over dishes in the kitchen, it doesn’t hurt anything!  When I used to clean with chemicals, I would try to cover our toothbrushes, so the spray would not get on them; likewise, when cleaning in the kitchen, I tried to make sure I didn’t spray around any food, because of the danger of contamination to the food.

There are also suggested uses listed on the container, such as glass surfaces, floors, coffee makers, and bathtubs.

Nature’s Beauty (works)

   * All Purpose Cleansing Wipes

   * Fragrance Free

   * $1.28/ 30 mini wipes


Ingredients:  water, ethyl alcohol, organic aloe vera extract, decyl glucoside, potassium sorbate, citric acid

(All ingredients, other than water, are plant derived, sugar derived, or naturally derived.)

I use them to wipe off the grocery cart handles before shopping.  They come in a small container with a keychain holder that is very handy & small to carry.

Located in the cosmetic/lotion section of the store.