Bath soap bar
Appalachian Naturals Almond & Honey Oatmeal, Handmade
   *No artificial fragrance, chemicals, preservatives, parabens/petroleums, sulfates/ites
   *Made in the USA
   *Gluten free
   *Cruelty free
Ingredients:  oils of coconut, soybean, sustainable palm, cocoa butter, vitamin E, water, a proprietary blend of Essential Oils, oatmeal, almonds and honey.  Processed with Lye, an Appalachian tradition.
   *Cleans very well; has a rough texture, which makes a great exfoliant.
   *Makes skin feel “squeaky” clean because of all of the oils. [Caution:  may make feet slick, so do not use on bottom of the feet.  Be aware that even as the oils run down the legs, it can run onto feet & cause slickness.]
   *Very affordable & available at local grocery stores.
   *The smell, which is 100% Natural, is so yummy!
Seventh Generation liquid soap
   *12 fl oz
   *Free & clean; fragrance free
   *No fragrances, no dyes, no triclosan, no phthalates.
   *Comes in a pump; size is large & lasts a long time.
   *Cleans very well; leaves hands soft & is not drying.
   *Very affordable & available at local grocery stores.