Thai Crystal Deodorant Stick
Advertised as “World’s Best 100% Natural Deodorant”
Excellent! (If you have trouble with irritation from deodorants, try this one.)
Paraben & Propyl Free
Aluminum Chlorohydrate Free
Chemical & Oil Free
Unscented & Non-Staining
Safe for all ages
Available at local supermarkets
Ingredients: Mineral Salt (Potassium alum)
Naturally prevents growth of odor-causing bacteria

Organic Baby Carrots
Excellent source of vitamin A
Source of vitamin C
Product of USA
USDA Organic
Very affordable
Available at local supermarkets/grocery stores
Many ways to serve:  Steam & heat, cut up raw & eat or add to salads, perfect for snacking, steam & add to other vegetables, steam & add organic ghee.

Seventh Generation Unbleached Paper Towels
Available at local grocery stores
Saves energy, saves water, saves trees
Unbleached; no added dyes, inks or fragrances
“Clinically proven hypoallergenic”
Made in USA
Good absorbency(quilted) & strength(2-ply)
100% recycled
Saves 37% in energy, saves 73% in water, saves 100% in trees (compared to regular paper towels)