Organic berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries)
Available in local supermarkets & grocery stores; usually a good variety to choose from.
A healthy & nutritious treat!
Very affordable!
Tip from Women’s Nutritional Health Center:  “When you eat fruit, it is easier to digest them if you only eat one type at a time and on an empty stomach.” (This really works, even if you typically have trouble digesting fruit!)
Lower in sugar than other fruits.
Quick & easy ideas:  Drizzle organic almond butter on berries.  Tastes as delicious as a pie…& much healthier!
Make fruit kabobs.  Fill a skewer with berries & dip into organic almond butter or organic dark chocolate (melted).  A great dessert to take to church dinners or family gatherings.
USDA Organic.

Dry Dust Cloths, unscented
A healthier way to dust; the dry cloth “catches” the dust, instead of “stirring it up”.
Available in “unscented” cloths.
Can be used in a sweeper for the floor, or to dust furniture by hand; no need for wet cleaners, such as polish or spray.
Very affordable.
Available at local supermarkets.
Great for cleaning up cat & dog hair.

All Terrain Hand Sanz Fragrance Free hand sanitizer
Fragrance free!
Very affordable.
Available online.
Available in a pump dispenser, or a bottle, or a handy travel-size for your purse or pocket.
“Environmentally Friendly”
Cruelty free
“Uses natural wood cellulose to moisturize and thicken instead of Carbomer, a synthetic polymer that is commonly used”.
Hand washing with soap & water is always best, but when you are somewhere where that is not available, this is a natural substitute.
“Made from the finest natural ingredients”.
Easy throw away; just remove from sweeper & discard.