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By April 21, 2015Articles

CedarCide.Com produces modern organic pesticides that kill pests, not people and pets. We offer home owners all natural pest control products that are perfect for do it yourself green pest control projects. All of our biological pest control products are non toxic and safe to humans and animals, however they are deadly to parasite pests of all kinds. CedarCide offers a full line of personal pest control and biting insect products. We have an all natural insect repellent spray, an organic bug spray and all are DEET FREE non toxic insect repellents! For pesky mosquitoes we have developed a personal sized refillable natural mosquito repellent spray and organic or green bug pest control spray! For the yard or patio we have the Pestigator, our automated integrated pest control mosquito misting system. It is your natural solution as a mosquito or insect organic yard sprinkler system or a non toxic lawn irrigation system. We of course also provide the non toxic, organic, all natural lawn sprinkler misting solution! Say goodbye to mosquitoes!

Organic Wood protection is important these days. CedarShield is our very popular 100% non toxic wood treatment product. If you’re looking for treated wood alternatives for the deck or garden, natural CedarSheild is an excellent exterior wood sealer and eco friendly wood deck sealant and waterproofer! Perfect for deck, dock, fence and interior and exterior wood sealer projects. It is also an excellent organic, natural, green wood stabilizer and non toxic pre stain wood conditioner and paint wood primer!

A huge problem today is pet’s allergic reaction to Pyrethrin and Permithrin. CedarCide offers an excellent natural alternative to product containing Pyrethrin and Permithrin. Let’s stop the scary allergic reactions and side effects of Pyrethrin and Permithrin in your loved horse, dog, cat, puppy and kitten. CedarCide is your home for natural animal safe pesticides and organic pet friendly insecticides and pest control. Often pest control products containing pyrethroid pesticides are not for sale in Alaska, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Vermont. Possible pyrethroid pesticide side effects and allergic reactions have been a cause of alarm.

It is extremely easy to kill and non toxic get rid of bed bugs with our organic get rid bed bug infestation products. CedarCide’s natural head lice treatment products and non toxic head lice treatment kill head lice fast and efficiently. CedarCide’s non toxic DIY flea control treatment is an organic natural flea treatment for home, dog, cat and horse. CedarCide’s natural get rid of mites treatment can eliminate mite bites with our mite bite human infestation treatment. Another horrific pest, the hexapod; Collembola will be naturally eliminated from your body with our Collembola human infestation. natural treatment and from your home with our all natural Collembola fogging treatment.

Control cockroaches, control scorpions and snakes and repel mosquitoes with our cedar oil based pest control products. CedarCide.Com offers a safe alternative to toxic, synthetic pest control chemical products that contaminate our water, soil and air. CedarCide offers a full line of popular natural lawn pest control products and organic yard pest bug insect control product. CedarCide is also a wholesale biological pest control products manufacturer and wholesale bio pest control supplies manufacturer and supplier of wholesale organic pesticides and insecticides.