Sometimes we have tough choices to make in life.  Often, one of those choices is for our good or is in our best interest. 
Have you ever had to choose between two job opportunities?  One job may offer more money, but time away from your family, while another job may offer less money, but you would not have to travel and be away from your family.  Both may “appear” good, but you have to choose which is best.
Consider your health.  When eating, we all have to make choices.  Think of this:  would you rather enjoy a few minutes of pleasure, eating anything you want and how much you want, and then later, feel bad or feel sick?  Or would you choose to eat healthy foods, as well as a healthy portion and feel better long-term?
How like our spiritual lives!  Are we satisfied with 5 minutes of Bible reading and 2 minutes of rushed prayer?  We all have days that are busy, and our time cannot be stretched any tighter.  But somewhere in our daily spiritual walk with GOD, there comes a point when we need to choose a better way…a more fulfilling and passionate walk with JESUS.
How do we do that?
*Make sure you take time to be quiet and still, before your day begins.  Once you begin your tasks, it seems there is no time to be still and quiet.
*Be sure to read GOD’s Word, even if it is only a few verses all throughout the day.  HIS Word is so powerful…even 1 verse can recharge and refresh you.  It may even be the exact words that someone around you needs to hear.  Sprinkle those verses in all areas of your life…in your house, in your car, in your purse or wallet.  Just like drinking water all day is important to our body, so it is with GOD’s Word for our spirit.
*Guard your time in GOD’s house.  Protect it with all of your might.  Don’t let anything get in the way of that precious time, when you are being discipled and growing.  Even when you think you are too tired to go, it will revive you like nothing else…not even a bubble bath!
*Watch!  Always be alert to the dangers around you…the danger of drifting away from THE LORD, the danger of hanging on to a hidden sin, the danger of a bad habit, the danger of our “enemy” wanting to destroy and devour you.
If you haven’t already, make a new start…choose wisely…start today!