A lesson on patience…

My brother went to buy gravel for our soggy and muddy driveway.  When he arrived at the gravel yard, there were customers ahead of him talking with the worker.  They talked…and talked…and talked.  My brother waited for a long time.  What would you have done at this point?  Would you continue to wait or would you drive away angrily?  After the other customers finally left, the worker approached my brother very apologetically, stating that those prior customers must have asked him 400 questions!  He then told my brother to load his gravel, and there would be no charge!  My brother objected and was ready to pay for the gravel, but the worker insisted that there was no charge due to the long wait!

Wow!  Praise THE LORD for HIS blessings that we overlook every day…those that are big and those that are seemingly small!  What blessings are you missing, because you do not choose to wait?
The next time you are impatient, consider what GOD is doing…and wait on HIM!  Read Psalm 27:14.